Call of the Wild Sled Dog Tours operate out of South Colton, Upstate New York in the magical Adirondack Park and is owned and operated by Spencer Thew - an Iditarod veteran with 28 years' experience - assisted by Andre & Natalie van der Merwe - who hail from South Africa and have 40 years' sled dog experience between them.

Discover the thrill of dog sledding by learning to drive a dog team...!

Experience the Adirondack forest's breathtaking trails - we have a variety of customised trips to suit everyone.

Daily trips in the fall and spring.  The dogs pull 1 - 5 passenger carts.  The fall and spring are beautiful trips and the weather is great.  Enjoy the beauty of the fall forest or fresh scents of spring.

Winter trips - a winter wonderland with a team of purebred, registered Siberian Huskies as your guides.  You can drive your own team or ride on a double sled.

You can spend a few hours or days at Club Rocky Top and Call of the Wild Kennel.  Develop an intimate relationship with the sled dogs and Mother Nature.  Nothing as exhilerating as a sled dog team pulling you and your sled through the forest with the moon bright and a light snow falling...

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